The Spirit Sings

"The Spirit Sings"

The sound of the solo Native American flute creates a feeling of tranquility
that nourishes the inner self.
"I've enjoyed your CD... You've got some great techniques."

- Douglas Blue Feather
Four time Native American Music Award winner,
recording artist and performer

Songs of Joy and Comfort

"Songs of Joy and Comfort"

The tone and expressive qualities of the solo Native American flute create a feeling of joy, comfort and spiritual warmth that elevates the human spirit to a higher level of well-being.

"Very soothing! I highly recommend this CD for your collection!"

- Jay Deutschman
A satisfied customer

Heartfelt Expressions

"Heartfelt Expressions"

The varied textures of sound of the solo Native American flute captures an inner
peace and respect for life that can nourish the well-being of every living spirit.

"Your heart shines through the flute, David, and it is good..."

- Jan Michael Looking Wolf
Award winning flutist

Favorite Hymns, Fond Memories

"Favorite Hymns, Fond Memories"

The intent of the CD is to provide spiritual nourishment, serenity and the feeling of God's loving grace in the listener's life.

"This CD is beautifully simple and simply beautiful."

- Mary Munarin
International Native American Flute Association's publication,
"Voice of the Wind", Volume 1, 2008
(full text of the article)

"Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful playing and spirit with us!!!  Listened to your CD on the way home and it was just gorgeous ... your accomplishment on the NAF is outstanding.
The feeling is peaceful, mellow, relaxed and relaxing."

- Clint Goss

Happiness in Motion

"Happiness in Motion" 

"Happiness in Motion" is happy music intended to make you feel good.  The "Swing" songs uplift your spirit and give you energy and the "Blues" songs enrich and stimulate your emotions.

Rivers of Living Water

"Rivers of Living Water"

The music ministers to our human spirit. It addresses our need for peace, hope, beauty and love that only God can bring. The music promotes inner healing

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  • "The Spirit Sings"
  • "Songs of Joy and Comfort"
  • "Heartfelt Expressions"
  • "Favorite Hymns, Fond Memories"
  • "Happiness in Motion"
  • "Rivers of Living Water"
  • "Christmas Fluting"

Song Books

Song Book of Favorite Hymn Melodies

"Song Book of Favorite Hymn Melodies"

This Book of 19 beautiful hymn melodies for 5-hole or 6-hole Native American flutes is now available in 3 separate versions.
The melodies are written for 5-hole Native American flutes in Nakai Tablature with "fingering guides" and "rhythm indicators" under each note.
The melodies are written for 6-hole Native American flutes in Nakai Tablature with "fingering guides" and "rhythm indicators" under each note.
Tab only:
The melodies are written for any 5-hole or 6-hole Native American flute in Nakai Tablature only with accompanying fingering charts.

These hymn melodies are a wonderful addition to the Native American flute literature and will provide great enjoyment for the player and listener alike.

The CD "Favorite Hymns, Fond Memories" is a "spiritually inspired" recording of these
hymn melodies and is available separately on this web site.

Song Book for the Native American Flute

"Song Book for the Native American Flute"

Now available in "Nakai TABlature" with "fingering guides" and "rhythm indicators".

Historically the beauty and musical "magic" of the Native American flute was known by many.  It enabled the player to use the breath to imitate the sounds of nature and to express the feelings of the heart.  There was no formal written music language.  The art of playing was simply passed down from one person to another.

Once players learned to sustain long tones and cover the holes, they were encouraged to create their own musical language.  Some players were more successful with this process than others.

The "Song Book of the Native American Flute" was written to aid each player in the creative process and to provide a rich resource of original music for the instrument.

"I found this book a few months ago and love it. I have used many songs from another site but most
of those songs require the extended scale. Mr Rogers' book is an excellent beginner book
and also great for those that would like to play their flute better."

- Carol Batts

The Unique Features of this Book

  • The music is original.
  • Each song is composed using only the six basic notes of a flute's natural scale.
  • All songs are written in "Nakai TABlature" with "fingering guides" and "rhythm indicators".
  • All songs can be played on any five-hole or six-hole Native American flute, the fingerings are the same.
  • A professionally recorded CD of the songs is included with the book.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music for 5-hole and 6-hole Native American flutes.

Sheet Music


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Instructional Packets

Instructional materials for 5-hole and 6-hole Native American flutes.

Sheet Music



Music from the Heart

Music from the Heart

"Music from the Heart" was co-founded by David Claude Rogers and Jacqueline Bess Weaver, a specialist in dementia care.  The company specializes in developing and implementing "Music Stimulation Programs" for the elderly that incorporate therapeutic products, ideas and techniques for the benefit of persons diagnosed with dementia and other forms of physical and cognitive decline.

David Claude Rogers
Music from the Heart