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Song Book

"Song Book for the Native American Flute"

Historically the beauty and musical "magic" of the Native American flute was known by many.  It enabled the player to use the breath to imitate the sounds of nature and to express the feelings of the heart.  There was no formal written music language.  The art of playing was simply passed down from one person to another.

Once players learned to sustain long tones and cover the holes, they were encouraged to create their own musical language.  Some players were more successful with this process than others.

The "Song Book of the Native American Flute" was written to aid each player in the creative process and to provide a rich resource of original music for the instrument.

The Unique Features of this Book

  • The music is original.
  • Each song is composed using only the six basic notes of a flute's natural scale.
  • All songs are written in "Nakai TABlature" with "fingering guides" and "rhythm indicators".
  • All songs can be played on any five-hole or six-hole Native American flute, the fingerings are the same.
  • A professionally recorded CD of the songs is included with the book.

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Price: $24.95

"I found this book a few months ago and love it. I have used many songs from another site but most
of those songs require the extended scale. Mr Rogers' book is an excellent beginner book
and also great for those that would like to play their flute better."

- Carol Batts
  1. Sweet Spirit (sample)
  2. Children's Dance (sample)
  3. Happiness in Motion (sample)
  4. Music's Charm (sample)
  5. Circle Chase (sample)
  6. Evening Calm (sample)
  7. Flowing Spirit (sample)
  8. Morning Breeze (sample)
  1. Mountain Passage (sample)
  2. Nature's Bounty (sample)
  3. Playful Bunny (sample)
  4. Sizzling Energy (sample)
  5. Skyward (sample)
  6. Stately Swagger (sample)
  7. Wings of Joy (sample)
  8. Tribal Passion (sample)