"Rivers of Living Water"

Music that promotes inner healing.  The music ministers to our human spirit.  It addresses our need for peace, hope, beauty and love that only God can bring.


  1. Rivers of Living Water  (sample)
  2. Beckening  (sample)
  3. Wings of Love  (sample)
  4. Forever Faithful  (sample)
  5. Letting Go  (sample)
  6. Peaceful Dreams  (sample)
  7. Morning Mist  (sample)
  8. Lonely Desire  (sample)
  9. Remembrance  (sample)
  10. Peaceful Night  (sample)
  11. Soul's Reflection  (sample)
  12. Tenderness  (sample)
  13. Coming Together  (sample)
  14. Eagle's Flight  (sample)
  15. The Spirit Lives  (sample)
  16. Nocturne  (sample)


Price: $14.95