"Happiness in Motion"

"Happiness in Motion" is happy music intended to make you feel good.  The "Swing" songs uplift your spirit and give you energy and the "Blues" songs enrich and stimulate your emotions.  While songs like "Sweet Whispers" opens your heart to greater sensitivity and compassion for others.  "Sweet Whispers" represents expressions of endearment and love that we hear in our "inner ear" that keeps us going when life becomes difficult.  All songs are intended to uplift and enrich.  It is my hope that this true for you.


  1. Happiness in Motion  (sample)
  2. Slow Burn  (sample)
  3. Moving Along  (sample)
  4. Smokey Blues  (sample)
  5. I'm a Walkin', Just a Walkin'  (sample)
  6. Foolin' Around  (sample)
  7. A Gentle Breeze  (sample)
  8. Feeling Good  (sample)
  9. Being There  (sample)
  10. Happy Go Lucky  (sample)
  11. Feeling the Blues  (sample)
  12. Spring Awakening  (sample)
  13. Spanish Gypsy Flavor  (sample)
  14. Morning Dance  (sample)
  15. Sweet Whispers  (sample)
  16. Dancing Stars  (sample)
  17. Ebb and Tide  (sample)
  18. Relaxed Conversation  (sample)
  19. Spanish Emotions  (sample)
  20. Toe Tapping Joy  (sample)
  21. My Heart Dreams  (sample)
  22. Tickle and Poke  (sample)

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