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"Heartfelt Expressions"

"Heartfelt Expressions" is a group of original songs for the Native American flute that captures in sound an inner peace and respect for life that can nourish the well-being of every living spirit.  Many of the songs are spiritually based and conceived deep within the heart, while others simply reflect the love of life through the observations of nature and humanity.  It is my hope that as you listen to these songs you will be refreshed, at peace and enjoying the precious gift of life.


  1. Song of the Heart  (sample)
  2. Expressions  (sample)
  3. Motion of the Waves  (sample)
  4. Peace  (sample)
  5. The Spirit Beckons  (sample)
  6. Gentle Reverence  (sample)
  7. Winter Reflections  (sample)
  8. Earth Dance  (sample)
  9. Tumbleweed in the Wind  (sample)
  10. Spirit of the Wind  (sample)
  11. Pure Delight  (sample)
  12. Twinkle in His Eye  (sample)
  13. Buzzing with the Bees  (sample)
  14. Whispers in the Night  (sample)
  15. Seasons of the Heart  (sample)
  16. Heart's Calling  (sample)
  17. Mixed Emotions  (sample)
  18. Longing to Return  (sample)
  19. Hush My Soul  (sample)

Price: $14.95