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"Songs of Joy and Comfort"

"Songs of Joy and Comfort" is a collection of original songs for the Native American flute that reflect the joy and comfort of God's presence in our lives. Some songs tell a story, others create an emotional feeling, while others create an environment for meditation and transformation. All the songs are spiritually based and generally fall into the categories of joy, comfort and reflection. The text to the hymn "His Presence Abides" can be found on the back side of the front cover. It is my hope that as you listen to these songs, you will be refreshed and at peace, knowing that God's loving grace is with you always.


  1. God's Gentle Smile  (sample)
  2. Comfort  (sample)
  3. Celebration  (sample)
  4. Mountain Peaks in the Sunset  (sample)
  5. Transcendence  (sample)
  6. Dancing in God's Presence  (sample)
  7. Song of Passion  (sample)
  8. Smiles and Sparkles  (sample)
  9. Eva's Song: Finding the Beat  (sample)
  10. Dancing Feet  (sample)
  11. Joy in Recovery  (sample)
  12. Joyful Motion  (sample)
  13. Waltzing in the Moonlight  (sample)
  14. Skipping Along  (sample)
  15. Spring Sweetness  (sample)
  16. Stately Dance  (sample)
  17. Happiness  (sample)
  18. Fireflies at Dusk  (sample)
  19. His Presence Abides  (sample)

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