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"The Spirit Sings"

"The Spirit Sings" CD is a collection of original songs created for the Native American flute.  Each song is conceived and born from within and is a reflection of my personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.  God's calling and plan for my life seems to include the Native American flute as a conduit for expressing His loving grace and healing spirit.  He has enabled me and encouraged me to compose and perform these songs for the enjoyment and benefit of others.  The tonal and expressive qualities of the Native American flute calms the mind, body and spirit and establishes an atmosphere for loving communication with all living things.  It is my hope that these songs will calm your spirit and give you peace as you embrace the spirit of those you love.


  1. Riding on the Breathe of God, High D  (sample)
  2. Riding on the Breathe of God, High B  (sample)
  3. David's Song, F#  (sample)
  4. David's Song, Low E  (sample)
  5. David's Song, Low D  (sample)
  6. Morning's Welcome, High C  (sample)
  7. Morning's Welcome, High B  (sample)
  8. Echos of the Spirit, A  (sample)
  9. Awakening, High D  (sample)
  10. Sweet Joy, G  (sample)
  11. Dance of the Hearts, High C  (sample)
  12. Dance of the Hearts, High B  (sample)
  13. Beautiful Peace, High C  (sample)
  14. Ducks by the Pond, A  (sample)
  15. Ducks by the Pond, F#  (sample)
  16. Ducks by the Pond, Low D  (sample)
  17. Dance of the Chickadees, High B  (sample)
  18. Dance of the Chickadees, High F#  (sample)
  19. Spirit Rider, Low E  (sample)
  20. Spirit Rider, Low D  (sample)
  21. Rhythms of Life, High C  (sample)
  22. God's Calling, A  (sample)
  23. Coming Home, A  (sample)
  24. Coming Home, F#  (sample)
  25. Coming Home, Low E  (sample)

Price: $14.95