Backing Tracks

Backing tracks for the Native American flute are CD recordings of one or more percussion or tonal instruments as well as various sounds of nature that invite and entice the performer to play along. The recordings provide a background that encourages creativity and results in personal enjoyment. 

The backing tracks I have created are rhythmic in nature, consisting of hand drums and various maraca-type percussion instruments. They are recorded in a steady tempo to a three-four or four-four rhythmic pattern. The tempos are slow to moderately fast. Since there is not an obvious tonal center to these tracks, one can use any keyed Native American flute to play along and sound good.

The backing track "Contemplation"; is an example of a slow tempo in a three-four rhythmic pattern that tends to draw out the expressiveness of the player.

The backing track "Let’s Get Started” is an example of a moderately fast tempo in a four-four rhythmic pattern that invites a creative energy from the player. I have found it helpful when playing this pattern to sing these words with the rhythm, Let’s, Get, Start-ed, Now. It seems to help the player feel the rhythm and play with rhythmic confidence. Listen to the sample of the track and sing the words to its rhythm and then play along.

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