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From the very first time I heard the Native American flute I was hooked. That was fourteen years ago and it has been a love affair ever since. It has not only become my major means of musical expression, but has stirred within my heart the desire to compose beautiful melodies. Many of the songs are spiritually based and conceived deep within my heart, while others simply reflect the love of life through the observations of nature and humanity.

The style of the songs varies. Some are free flowing, while others are reflective, spiritual and light hearted (reflecting a swing or blues style). I have noted that when the same song is performed on flutes of different woods and keys, each flute evokes a unique set of emotions. So in some Albums I have recorded the same song more than once. In doing so, it seems to help some aspiring players to choose their flute of preference, the shorter flutes producing excitement and the longer flutes producing a tone of peace and tranquility.

Several of the albums accompany a songbook of the same title or vice versa. This encourages the player to not only enjoy listening but to jump in and start playing.

The sound, tone of the Native American flute connects with many of the life experiences and emotions of the listener. I encourage you to purchase these CDs and let the sound of the solo Native American flute create an environment for your personal reflection, spiritual growth and enjoyment.

Christmas Fluting (CD) Christmas Fluting (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
Favorite Hymns, Fond Memories (CD) Favorite Hymns, Fond Memories (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
Finding Self (CD) Finding Self (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
Happiness in Motion (CD) Happiness in Motion (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
Heartfelt Expressions (CD) Heartfelt Expressions (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
Journey (CD) Journey (CD) $4.00 Buy Now
Remembrance (CD) Remembrance (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
Rivers of Living Water (CD) Rivers of Living Water (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
Songs of Joy and Comfort (CD) Songs of Joy and Comfort (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
The Spirit Sings (CD) The Spirit Sings (CD) $5.00 Buy Now
Unforeseen Beauty (CD) Unforeseen Beauty (CD) $5.00 Buy Now

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