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About the Composer and Performer

David Claude Rogers, Musical Echoes Players Competition First Place Winner, musician, composer and lecturer received his degrees in Music Education and Performance from the University of Michigan and held various teaching, performance and administrative positions in the College of Musical Arts at Bowling Green State University. In addition to providing music programs (vocal, piano and Native American flute) to long-term care facilities and other community organizations, he has produced a significant amount of original music for Native American flutes: CDs, Song Books, Sheet Music for solo flute, duets, trios, backing tracks, music bundles, and several Instructional Packets to aid the growth of the flute enthusiast.

About Music from the Heart

"Music from the Heart" was co-founded by David Claude Rogers and Jacqueline Bess Weaver, a specialist in dementia care. The company specializes in developing and implementing "Music Stimulation Programs" for the elderly that incorporate therapeutic products, ideas and techniques for the benefit of persons diagnosed with dementia and other forms of physical and cognitive decline.

A significant component of the "Music Stimulation Programs" is the sound of the Native American flute and the therapeutic quality of its music. Therefore, I created the website "" to make available the original music I composed for the instrument that when heard or played will calm your spirit and give you peace.

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