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David C. Rogers

Your Place for Native American Flute Music

Flute Music from the Heart specializes in providing Native American flute music, both recorded and written plus various forms of instructional materials.

I continue to develop Native American flute music and products that can enrich your journey with this incredible instrument. These include but are not limited to albums of solo Native American flute music, other CD recordings of solo, duet and trio music for the Native American flute, songbooks, solo and ensemble sheet music, backing tracks, and instructional packets for the 5- or 6-hole Native American flute, including fingering charts and a guide to reading Nakai Tablature. Songs can be found in all of my CDs of solo Native American flute music that are good for meditation, relaxation and "healing."

The original solo Native American flute music found in my CD album recording "Rivers of Living Water" promotes healing and was created to affect a positive result in the work of massage, physical and music therapists, and to affect a positive, calming and healing environment in physician's offices and medical recovery rooms. Check it out under the category "Music CDs" shown above. A new CD album of original songs recorded on a low D Native American flute called "Finding Self" is now available. It was created to affect the same positive changes as the recording "Rivers of Living Water."

The allure of the hauntingly beautiful tone of the Native American flute is compelling. It invites us to listen, to play and to share with others. It indeed expands the essence of who we are. It is a wonderful journey to experience.

If you are looking for s specific type of Native American flute music for 5- or 6-hole Native American flutes and are unable to find it, please feel encouraged to contact me directly, at or call 419-308-1106, or stop back later as updates and additions are regularly being made.

Blessings always!

- David Claude Rogers

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